This tiny library wraps some basic functions of the Steam WebAPI for C# such as getting profile informations for users, their owned games and play time, current online status and more. Two methods (looking up the SteamID of a user and retrieving all available apps) can be used anonymously, others require a Steam API key.


On CodePlex there is a little demo project to show how to use the library.


The usage is very simple:


long steamID = await SteamManager.GetSteamIDByName("gabelogannewell");

if (steamID != 0)
    SteamProfile profile = await SteamManager.GetSteamProfileByID(steamID);
    if (profile != null)
        this.DataContext = profile;
        await SteamManager.LoadGamesForProfile(profile);

You can find the project source, documentation and the library here:

Find the project and source code on CodePlex!

Find the library on nuget!

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